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Riley Perkins is an ambitious Idaho State Senator who plays dealmaker and chess-master to pass an anti-abortion bill while residing in the sanctuary of his vacation cabin, away from the bustle of Boise, with his eager chief of staff, his strangely annoyed wife and a wireless mobile hotspot.  While a snowstorm rages outside and a ferocious mountain lion is on the loose, Riley gets an unexpected visit from his 20 year-old daughter, Madison, accompanied by a rather eccentric animal control officer.  Madison arrives through the snow to throw a wrinkle into her father’s legislative plans…she threatens to go public with her own abortion for which Riley allowed to happen.  An intense, macabre family comic-drama plays out in this cabin in the woods, and soon Riley faces the awful truth of who he really is.  

Cast Size

3 men and 2 women

Production History

Fangs premiered at Eclectic Theater in Seattle in November thru December 2014.

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